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Main Building 2nd Floor / Japanese-Style Room

16.53m² (2 Rooms)

Tsuki no Ma
This room is made by replicating a Katsurarikyu or Katsura Imperial Villa, said to be a masterpiece of Japanese architecture.The shoji or paper sliding doors have the moon-shaped door handle, just like the ones you see in the Katsura Imperial Villa.The room is facing the yard, divided from the anteroom.

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Take no Ma
This room is facing the courtyard and has its signature, beautifully unique alcove post in the room.

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Main Building 1st Floor / Japanese-Style Room

9.92m² (1 Room)

Satsuki no Ma
This is a luxurious space where you can enjoy the nearest yard off the 1st floor entry way all to yourself. This is the only room with a bathroom. In the winter, guests can enjoy the sunken Kotatsu/heated table.

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22.31m² (1 Room)

Kikun no Ma
The hotel's largest room facing the courtyard that is divided with an anteroom. The decoration, as well as the door pull, display signature characteristic. Depending on the season, doll sets for Girl's Festival (in March) or Boy's Festival (in May) are displayed in the alcove of the room.

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7.44m² (1 Room)

Matsu no Ma
Formerly a traditional tea-ceremony room that was converted to a guest room with a signature wickerwork finished ceiling. No yard view available from this room.

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Storehouse 2nd Floor


Aoi no Ma
This room started being used as a guest room from 2013 and has an impressive ceiling beam.

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Facility Summary

Room Amenities

Television · Telephone · Electrical Stand · Mirror Stand · Tea Set · Room Safe · Hair Dryer · Yukata Robe · Slippers

Hotel Amenities

Family Size Bath : 2 Toothpaste · Razor · Towel · Bath Towel · Shampoo & Conditioner · Body Soap · Hand Soap

*Please contact us when you need a massage, wake-up call, parcel delivery service.

Number of Rooms Main Building : 1st Floor / 2 Rooms, 2nd Floor / 4 Rooms
Storehouse : 2nd Floor / 2 Room
Parking Lot Available for one car.
※Please check our Access page for more information.