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How about some traditional Japanese green tea while enjoying the courtyard view?

Free, self-service green tea available in your room.
Please relax and enjoy.

If you are interested in learning traditional tea etiquette, please let us know. We'd be happy to demonstrate for you.


pon your waking in the morning, we will prepare a body-friendly Obanzai, a small home-cooked Kyoto dish along with a dish made with Kyoto vegetables.
Please experience Kyoto, starting in the morning.

pic_meel_003 Breakfast

A traditional Kyoto breakfast, featuring rice, miso soup, grilled fish, Japanese-styled rolled omelette, tofu; and seasonal Obanzai, a small home-cooked Kyoto dish. 2,300 yen, tax included.

Homemade meal prepared by Okami and Young Okami. Breakfast meals will be delivered freshly made.
* Okami = Landlady

Comment from Young Okami

There is quite a lot of food and we have received very popular reviews.
If you book your room without breakfast, we can still prepare it for you as long as you place your request by 6PM the night before.