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Comment from Young Okami

From the entrance to the back yard, there are decorations with large and small rocks as a pathway to the entrance. This pathway is decorated with various seasonal flowers and plants, welcoming guests to our hotel.


Courtyard image

The courtyard that lights up in the evening is well-ventilated with plenty of sunlight, creating a healing space with lush greenery.
Make yourself at home while enjoying your view from our Tatami room.

Comment from Young Okami

The beautiful sunshine filtering through the foliage of trees, in the morning and the afternoon, is my favorite. The sparkly sight of moss growing in the washbasin after rain is also stunning. The garden lanterns of Zodiac signs are also a must-see view.


A cypress tree is used for a pleasant scent in our bath.

Bath image001

Bath image002

Morning 7:00~
Evening ~24:00

Our hotel has two bath areas, a cypress tree bath and a Western-style bath. Each guest room is to take turns using the bath area.
You can also take a bath with your entire family. The cypress tree bath can be taken by up to 3-4 guests together.

Comment from Young Okami

The cypress tree bath is a true Japanese exotic hot bath that has a mellow touch to the water, where you can relieve the weariness from your travel.

Facility Summary

Room Amenities

Television · Telephone · Electrical Stand · Mirror Stand · Tea Set · Room Safe · Hair Dryer · Yukata Robe · Slippers

Hotel Amenities

Family Size Bath : 2 TToothpaste · Razor · Towel · Bath Towel · Shampoo & Conditioner · Body Soap · Hand Soap

*Please contact us when you need a massage, wake-up call, parcel delivery service.

Number of Rooms Main Building : 1st Floor / 2 Rooms, 2nd Floor / 4 Rooms
Storehouse : 2nd Floor / 2 Room
Parking Lot Available for one car.
※Please check our Access page for more information.